Hannelore Nuijens, fuelled by her passion of exploring the unknown with insatiable curiosity, founded Unknown Curiosity in 2014. Hannelore grew up in Antwerp and has been living abroad for the past five years. She quickly got hooked and trotted from Paris to London, New York to Buenos Aires and now lives in Mumbai. With Unknown Curiosity she explores the maximum city whilst tying it up with a professional challenge. Always intrigued by the perfect jacket and fun accessories this is also what she set out to do with Unknown Curiosity.

Unknown Curiosity creates signature jackets for women. The brand defines “tomboy chic” and plays with masculine style codes to create individualistic pieces. Unknown Curiosity also creates quirky yet practical accessories to compliment the style statements of the contemporary woman.


« Unknown Curiosity impersonates a constant hunger for the unknown and the need to stay curious for new experiences, impressions and memories. »