No, I am not talking about brands or the labels you encounter on your shopping spree through the supermarket, we are talking garment labels! I know it’s not your average subject but it seems to be quite an important one when launching a fashion brand.

It’s one of those things you think about without ever thinking it through because when designing your collection you obviously think about your logo, printed on a piece of cloth (aka the label!), stitched into your garments. The combination just makes for a happy ending really. (Or at least one that gets me going. I wouldn’t be shocked if in a few weeks I start counting labels instead of sheep when trying to fall asleep. The thought simply makes for a happy me.)

But now here comes the tricky part, each garment also needs a care label… These labels have information about the composition of the fabrics used in your garment and on how to wash it. These care labels are essential if you ever plan on washing your clothes and you don’t want your garment to come out in a smaller size or a different color.

Now I know that a lot of you cut these annoying, itching thingies right out but it might serve you right to read them first. I suppose they made these little guys obligatory to inform the customer but I am under the impression that people are sometimes more annoyed by them than informed.

I had my labels printed last week and now have a box with about 3500 “Unknown Curiosity” labels, 1500 S /M /L labels and 3000 care labels. The care labels really are a bitch because they change according to the fabric which made me print 7 different care labels.

The fact that I now have a total of 8000 labels lying in my office really makes me hope that the launch is going to be a success or I will be stuck with a friendly reminder that the success was bigger in my mind than in reality. (Or it might end up being interesting wallpaper for the washroom !)