(Please do me a favor and sing the title on the appropriate song, although I am fully aware that it doesn't really sit right with 14...)

If you think that because I live in Mumbai I have easy access to the coolest holidays imaginable you're probably right. But that doesn't mean that I know India or Asia by heart because most of my holidays are spent at the home front, yes you guessed it right, Belgium!

You won't hear me complain because the weeks I spent at home this summer were good fun and full of interesting turns for Unknown Curiosity. Here's a quick recap in four terms; Antwerp popup, the Nightshop, Marnix & Ally and The List&co.

If you've been following our whereabouts you know that we've had a 4-day event at Stafcharlotte in Antwerp during the first week of August. It was really fun to finally see the entire collection on a proper shop floor and the fridge that I'd stocked full of rosé was full-on empty by the end of the week so that should be enough of an indication of the success!

After Antwerp came our long weekend in Knokke at the Nightshop. This extra week in Belgium wasn't planned ahead but I was still waiting for my papers so figured we might as well make the best of it, it turned out that was quite an easy task! With some cool encounters, beautiful art and live concerts Unknown Curiosity was on the roll...

If you happened to be in Knokke this summer you might have noticed or stopped by The List & co. It's located nearby the place m'as-tu-vu and it's a fun pop-up full of interesting design, books, art, gadgets and off course fashion. The Unknown Curiosity collection will be sold there from September to October so now you'll know where to find us! (Zeedijk 756

8300 Knokke-Heist)

And we were just getting started because there is more good news to be shared! I am thrilled to announce that you'll be seeing a lot more of us in the upcoming months. We've partnered up with Marnix & Ally! (Since you are reading this posts I'll just go ahead and assume that this makes you very happy as well.) They will be taking care of the PR for Unknown Curiosity and since "they are throwing it over the other angle" I think it will make for a very interesting turn of events!

So thank y'all for the great summer and I can't wait for winter to arrive!