The temperature has started to rise again, bye bye Indian winter and cool sea breeze. Skinny jeans start to feel too hot for this weather so I pulled out my favorite pair of overly destroyed boyfriend jeans this morning. Not very elegant but so comfortable and just the right amount of tough love. And this happens to be something they are not very familiar with here in Mumbai. I had noticed before that every time I wore this particular pair of jeans men stare even more than normal and some even throw me the evil eye. (These days I throw them an evil eye back which accounts for some pretty hilarious reactions.) Whatever, can’t say I really care but today a vendor asked me a funny question…


This morning I was heavily negotiating with one of the vendors at Mangaldas market, the biggest textile market in Mumbai. (No I am really bad at negotiating which is strange because my mom rocks at it. When she was here a few months ago one of the vendors told her she could decide on the price because he didn’t have a say in it anyway.) Ok so I was at Mangaldas market where I had just selected a few fabrics. I paid the guy the price he asked for and he put everything in a plastic bag. I get easily distracted at that market because there is so much to see and you really need to pay attention to every detail. I must have been looking around taking pictures for a few minutes when out of the blue he asks “Hello Miss, new fashion this is?”. I think I snorted a little while laughing when I realized what he just asked and then explained him that it’s currently a trend in the whole wide world except for India. I’m not even sure we can still call it a trend anymore but let’s put that aside. This particular question-snort exchange obviously explains it all, it’s like wearing a dead bird on your head. Not that any of this really matters, I’m still wearing my destroyed jeans!