After having spent a perfect week in Shanghai and a  long weekend back in Mumbai celebrating Holi it was back to reality on Tuesday. But this Tuesday came bearing gifts! All of a sudden I had two finished pashminas in my possession, both delicately embroidered with modern designs. They are soft, light, extremely comfortable and the embroidery gives them a cool edge. If it wouldn’t be so freaking hot here I would eat, sleep, (rave, repeat?) with these guys.

We had a beautiful sunset from our rooftop yesterday so I saw it as the perfect opportunity to snap some pictures with the easy breeze that was going around…

(In case you were wondering what Mumbai is like, this is not it! This is back in Shanghai, unfortunately we do not enjoy such nice walkways and imported trees from Paris ;) )

There are many more samples to come and I am still struggling my way through the jackets but eventually we’ll get there. It’s a serious “work in progress” here in Mumbai that can best be approached day by day because otherwise my organized self goes in overdrive. But it wouldn’t be a challenge and only half the fun without the ups and downs!

Anyway, see you next time…