ME: Belgian, organized, overachiever, love good food, sarcastic, addicted to the big city life, explorer, creative (or likes to think she is), dreamer, mildly addicted to beautiful things, eternal traveler, should do sports, international fashion consultant, and oh right we recently moved to Mumbai (as in me and my boyfriend) 

MUMBAI: possibly the most populated city in the world, dirty and beautiful at the same time, crows and rats (and cows), overfull trains, craftsmanship, colorful, horrible traffic, smells like fish, chaotic, great food if you don’t have to eat it every day, saris, possibilities, grey buildings, embroideries, crazy nice and curious people if they don’t try to cheat you 

I feel like the Mumbai list needs some explaining before you all think that I hate it here and that I’ve landed in a hellhole on the other side of the world.  But you easily stop noticing and forget about the city’s faults. I now get inspired by the chaos and have learned to enjoy it (most of the time, when I’m not losing my mind or yelling at someone). And over the last few months Mumbai and I have gotten used to one another and I must say that I love it here. 

Now the reason that I am starting this blog (apart from the obvious fact that we are a Belgian couple living in India), is that I’ve had this crazy idea  to start my own fashion brand. Very much made in India and thus made with very much patience. 

I thought it’d be fun to take you along on my biggest adventure so far, hoping that you’ll enjoy the ride as much as I will. Let’s see!